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Betechsmart home solutions domotica
Betechsmart solutions for home automation

BeTechSmart works closely with Zennio products & KNX as the future-proof technology for home automation. We offer a solution for electrical jobs - "DIY"

As a self-builder, do you want to roll up your sleeves and arrange things at your own pace? That is exactly what we can help you with!

We provide you with all your hardware needs, including all configurations in the KNX system, so all you have to do is plug and play!

Zennio products for KNX home automation
KNX home automation solutions

Our packages and prices are now available!

Check out our different packages and add-ons to complete your home with the latest technology today. All our products are KNX certified.
Join the evolution and start your project with us today!

Beautiful products from Zennio

Zennio producten
Zennio producten
Zennio producten
Zennio producten
Zennio producten
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