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How we work

See the step-by-step approach below as an example of how we typically work

Project steps


Create your own requirements by filling out our handy form

First quote

Based on your wishes, we will send you an initial offer

Let's meet

Optional meeting to discuss your wishes in our showroom

Make electrical box

We start by making the cabinet with all the devices, actuators and switches

First inspection

We have to inspect the works once they are placed and see if any changes have been made

First delivery

If the quotation is approved, we can plan the first delivery of the materials

Software programming

When everything is connected we can configure everything

Second delivery

We will let you know when your second delivery is ready with your box, screens, plugs, switches etc

Second inspection

A second inspection is required and see if any changes have been made

Customer service

The customer service support process can begin

Official inspection

An official inspection must take place before the self-build project is signed off

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