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Klinkaardstraat 210 Unit C001

Kapellen 2950


+32 3 314 90 68


  • The charger is equipped with load balancing, 32A charging and prepared for Smart Charging and business kWh settlement. The charger is manufactured in the Netherlands and is known to be very reliable and reliable. With load balancing, the available capacity of the main connection is taken into account and the current consumption of the household/office is deducted from this. This ensures that your EV always charges at maximum capacity without overloading the main connection.

    Load balancing works with the Alfen charger in combination with a smart meter. The smart meter must be at least (E)SMR 4.0.7 for load balancing. In addition, it is important that there is a free P1 port. Load balancing is important, now and in the future. This is because your meter cupboard is protected against overload.

    Load balancing for Alfen charging stations


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