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Klinkaardstraat 210 Unit C001

Kapellen 2950


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  • The Eve Double Pro-line is Alfen's flagship for smart solutions for semi-public spaces, such as companies and supermarkets. The robust housing is designed for intensive use and frequent user changes and can be mounted on a wall or pole. It contains two charging contacts, both with optional load balancing. The user interface has a color screen with the option to upload a logo. An integrated RFID reader supports user identification and a MID meter enables financial settlement. Internet connection via GPRS/Ethernet with data available via freely chosen third-party management systems.

    Alfen Eve Double Pro-line

      • Charging capacity 3.7kW to 22kW
      • Equipped with two sockets (cables sold separately)
      • Wall mounting or freestanding with optional mounting pole
      • Standard energy meter for calculating electricity
      • Four clear color LEDs with charging status icons
      • Display configurable in different languages
      • Plug & Charge or authorization via RFID
      • SIM-lock free: free choice for the provider of charging services
      • European A-quality: a solid and high-quality product
      • DC detection
      • Easy to configure
      • Compatible with Cohere Maxem Energy Manager
      • Complies with all relevant standards including IEC 61851:2017 - IEC 61851:2017 and has earth leakage circuit breakers that protect against leakage currents

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